Know Your Enemy

Eliminating rodents from your home, work or barn can be done in three simple steps: Seal, Kill and Clean.  Seal all access to food, water or harborage.  Kill rats and house mice using Just One Bite®*† rodenticides and Rodentex™ products.  Clean your environment so rodents won’t find it inviting.  Below are specific tips to help you create your own rodent control strategy.

Sealing off rats’ and house mice access to food, water or harborage is the first step in controlling rodents. Below are tips to help you seal your home, office or barn.

  • Prohibit access to food -- that’s why rodents are there in the first place. Seal all food in rodent-proof containers or secure storage cabinets
  • Find and seal any cracks or holes large enough for the critters to enter your house – and it doesn’t take much. A mouse can slip through an opening the size of a dime – a rat only needs a nickel’s worth of clearance
  • Check condition of  attic and foundation vents – and cover with ¼” wire screen mesh – screen over dryer vents, too
  • Cover foundation cracks with concrete mortar, metal flashing or copper wool (steel wool can rust away)
  • Be sure to check where pipes and wires enter the building, and seal snugly around them. Don’t use anything they can chew through like plastic, wood or cardboard. Metal is best.
  • Cover chimney top with spark arrester screen
  • Fit snug fitting covers on crawl spaces
  • Keep doors and windows securely closed and sealed – make sure screens have no holes
  • Put sealing gasket on bottom of garage door – check each end for gaps – and seal


Once sealed, eliminating the rodents from your home, office or barn is the next step to ridding your life of mice and rats.  Below are tips to killing rats and house mice.

  • Use rodent  traps or poison baits (rodenticides)
  • If rodenticides are used – be certain to carefully follow all label directions
  • Always place poison baits so they cannot be accessed by children, pets or other non-targeted animals
  • Just One Bite®† EX rodenticides and Rodentex™ products are highly effective, convenient methods for controlling house mice and rats in the home and agricultural buildings. Bait stations are required for in-home use.
  • Just One Bite®* II is made exclusively for farm and other agricultural facility use.>


Cleanliness can be the biggest deterrent to mice and rats taking up residence where they aren’t welcome.  Below are tips for keeping sanitary conditions in your home, office and barn to deter rodents from making these places their home.  

  • Keep garbage in tightly secure containers
  • Keep fruit off the menu by harvesting when ripe and promptly picking up any that falls on the ground
  • Don’t leave pet food out where rodents can enjoy it.
  • Use rodent-proof bird feeders
  • Mow grass and weeds and prune shrubs at the base, and cut back vines to eliminate any natural cover where rodents can nest or hide
  • Prune tree limbs that overhang the roof
  • Keep firewood, lumber and other materials neatly stacked at least a foot from walls or fences, a minimum of 18 inches off the ground. Avoid making piles of rocks or anything else that would make a good hiding place
  • Routinely check for dead rodents and remove them as soon as possible. Use gloves to pick them up, double-bag the carcass and dispose of in a secure outside trash container

*Just One Bite® is a registered trademarks of Farnam Companies, Inc.